Altacor is an UK based ophthalmic specialty pharmaceutical company with growing portfolio of ophthalmic products.

Altacor markets numerous products in the UK and Ireland (Clinitas®, Clinitas® OTC range, Clinitas® Eye Compress and BioLon®) which are commercialised through its own sales and marketing organisation and network. These products are sold primarily through the healthcare system, including hospitals, GPs, pharmacies and opticians. Altacor also promote some of its products direct to patients.

Clinitas®, Clinitas® Multi and Clinitas Gel are prescription products, including preservative free options. Clinitas products can be used for moderate dry eye conditions and have the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (0.4%) in the UK. These products are also available to buy over the counter.

In 2016, Altacor acquired the BioLon® brand into its portfolio. BioLon and BioLon Prime are high quality ophthalmic viscoelastic devices (OVD) used during cataract and ophthalmic surgery to help protect tissues and maintain space. In 2018 Altacor gained rights to the global brand and now distributes the product worldwide.


Altacor has a growing portfolio of products that span surgical, prescription and retail markets
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History: How it all started

Altacor was formed in 2006 by two co-founders and has grown into a reputable and respected company within the ophthalmic industry.

Its first product was Clinitas, which was launched in 2007. This product was one of the first sodium hyaluronate based dry eye products on the market. It also helped the trend in offering preservative free formulations of frequently used eye drops. Since then, the Clinitas brand has gone from strength to strength, with various products now available in the prescription and over the counter sectors.

In recent years Altacor has added to its portfolio buy focusing on the surgical market. In 2016 Altacor added BioLon to its portfolio, a well known brand within the ophthalmic viscoelastic category. In 2017, it added punctum plugs to its increasing range of dry eye treatments.
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Future growth

Global ambitions

Altacor has plans in place to expand its current portfolio and also enter international markets. It has demonstrated strong performance in the UK and with the backing of its owners, wishes to expand. It will do this by either developing its own products or in-licensing and distributing others. This model can be used in the UK and overseas.

Altacor have recently taken on the global brand management of BioLon, which currently has distributors in over 10 countries. It wishes to expand the distribution of this product, and add further products to various countries.

Altacor is also looking for partnership opportunities, where we may be able to share and distribute products, but also gain access to new territories for our portfolio. .
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Product development & pipeline

In house development and partnership opportunities

Since it began, Altacor has invested heavily in product innovation and pipeline research. Altacor has a growing portfolio of products which it wishes to add to. It will do this by either developing its own products, or by working with partners to distribute and in-license products.

Altacor`s main focus is on ocular surface disease, unmet clinical needs and surgical opportunities. It has identified promising opportunities for innovation and new products.

Altacor will target important and fast-growing areas of medical need and is particularly interested in products for orphan indications, glaucoma, dry eye and cataract surgery. Altacor’s product pipeline is supported strongly by patents, orphan designations, licences, know-how and trademarks.

Approved: JB027 MAY 2018