Clinitas® Antibacterial Eye Compress
Clinitas® Antibacterial Eye Compress
Clinitas® Antibacterial Eye Compress
Clinitas® Antibacterial Eye Compress
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Clinitas® Antibacterial Eye Compress

A warming eye compress to help relax away the symptoms of...dry eye disease, MGD (Blepharitis) and chalazion (Eyelid Cysts), and the associated symptoms of grittiness, irritation and sore eyes.
The Clinitas Antibacterial Eye Compress externally heats the eyelids. This warmth stimulates the glands to give relief from the tension and irritation of the eyes.

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Product details

Product information

Sterileyes® is bound permanently to the fibres of the fabric to provide effective antibacterial protection against potentially harmful bacteria.

Sterileyes® is an antibacterial shield on the compress, proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria (data on file).

Heat the Clinitas Antibacterial Eye Compress to release the optimum temperature for an effective treatment*. Conventional therapy advocates warm compresses in an attempt to liquefy the meibum and enhance the tear film quality. A temperature between 40 and 42°C for at least 4 minutes has been advocated as ideal to liquefy the meibum. Place the heated compress on closed eyes and help relax away a variety of conditions.

Use cold for Hay fever, Inflammation, Headaches and Migraines

The treatment pack includes the Clinitas Eye Compress, a handy storage bag and a instruction booklet.

Key benefits and features

  • Sterileyes® Antibacterial Protection

  • Reusable (200+ uses)

  • Moist heat - or use cold

  • Microwave / Freezer

  • Doctor recommended

  • Adjustable comfort strap

  • BodyBeads® self-hydrating technology

  • Storage bag

  • Fully safety tested

What is sterileyes?

Sterileyes® is bound permanently to the fibres of the fabric to provide effective antibacterial protection against potentially harmful bacteria.
Using skin friendly, patented, Polygiene technology, Sterileyes® does not interfere with your skins natural bacterial flora.

Sterileyes® is an antibacterial shield on the compress, proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria*.

This patented solution is bound to the fibres of our fabrics to protect the eyes from potentially harmful bacteria. Sterileyes® also provides stain protection, extended product life and eliminates germs that synthesize fats and lipids which create odour.

What are the potential effect of bacteria on the eye compress?
In addition to bacteria already on the mask, it is entirely conceivable that during normal use, millions more bacteria can be transferred from the eyes and face onto the eye compress during treatment Increasing levels of bacteria on the compress could create the opportunity for potential cross-infection and may even prolong the treatment regime, symptoms and hinder patient compliance.

Why do I need Sterileyes?

Contrary to popular belief, under normal operating instructions, not all bacteria on masks are killed in the microwave.

Compresses without Sterileyes® protection may be contaminated with bacteria prior to being used, at the time of purchase. We submitted several commercially available compresses to assess if they have any anti-bacterial properties.

The results of one sample, was not readable due to the very high count of pre existing bacteria on the product.

After following the manufacturers microwave heating instructions, the bacteria were measured. It was concluded that the microwaving resulted in marginal antibacterial activity with very significant levels of the test organism remaining.

What if the compress is used as a cold treatment?

When eye compresses are used as a cold treatment the problem of bacteria on the mask is exacerbated.

Although when using as warm treatment microwaving has a limited effect, when using the mask cold, there is no protection from the bacteria already on the compress. Bacteria are not killed at freezing temperatures, they are preserved and lay dormant. When removed from the freezer and placed on the eyes, the compress begins to thaw and so does the bacteria. Once the contaminated cold mask is reapplied to the eyes the bacteria are active again to potentially cross-contaminate and/or aggravate the condition.
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Positive research conclusions

There is strong scientific research showing that heating the eyelid to the recommended temperature will help treat the various conditions listed.

Mori et al showed that when the researchers had patients apply a warm compress to their eyelids for 5 minutes once a day for 2 weeks, they had fewer symptoms associated with Dry Eye Disease and their tears did not break down so rapidly. A comprehensive report (Nichols. K.K, 2011) observed that there is almost unanimous support among international experts and clinicians for such a process. Patients should be instructed in using warm compresses, clearing the lubricating Meibomian glands along the eyelid edge of residue build-up and cleaning the lashes. Continued use is advised to maintain long-term control of symptoms. Lid hygiene is widely considered an effective mainstream therapy for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Anterior Blepharitis.
What is Dry Eye Disease?
Dry Eye Syndrome, or Dry Eye Disease, is a common condition that occurs when the eyes do not make enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly. This leads to the eyes drying out and becoming inflamed (red and swollen) and irritated.

What is Blepharitis?
Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids which affects the edges (margins) of the eyelids. It is not usually serious, but may become an uncomfortable, irritating problem. Blepharitis is typically chronic (persistent) and both eyes are usually affected.

What is MGD
MGD is the most common form of lid margin disease. In the early stages, patients are often asymptomatic, but if left unmanaged, MGD can cause or exacerbate dry eye symptoms and eyelid inflammation. The oil glands become blocked with thickened secretions. Chronically clogged glands eventually become unable to secrete oil which results in permanent changes in the tear film and also dry eyes.

How to treat my condition

Gentle heating of the eyelid margins has proven to be the most effective and gentle way of removing congealed and hardened deposits around the Meibomian glands. The warmth softens the naturally produced oil helping prevent discomfort and ensures a health tear layer. They key to successful treatment is regular cleansing following a proven, simple and effective daily 3 step regime detailed below;


  • HEAT

    Heating of the eyelids - do this by using the Clinitas Eye Compress allowing the buttery oil to melt and become liquid again.

    It is important to correctly massage and cleanse the melted oil from the glands in the eyelid that have been softened by the Clinitas Eye Compress. Follow our guide for further information.

    After cleaning regime lubricate on a regular basis with one of the various Clinitas eye drops or gel on offer.
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    What the professionals say


    Dry eye syndrome and meibomian gland dysfunction are common disorders and cause a
    range of chronic and uncomfortable symptoms.

    Fortunately, eye compresses can provide both immediate and long-term relief but not all eye masks are the same. Most claim to be reusable, but as with any healthcare products applied to the skin, especially over the eyes and face, there is always the danger of bacterial cross-contamination.

    The Clinitas Eye Compresses contain Sterileyes®, a compound proven to dramatically inhibit and eradicate potentially troublesome bacteria even when used repeatedly.

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