2018 P3 Pharmacy MVP Awards

November 16, 2018

Clinitas Soothe® eye drops awarded highly commended in most valuable eye health product category at the 2018 P3 Pharmacy MVP Awards

Voted for by the readers of the P3 Pharmacy Magazine, the award highlights pharmacy’s most valuable products, ones that have delivered for you in the past 12 months in your community pharmacies.

The Clinitas Soothe range of dry eye products from Altacor brings rapid and prolonged relief from dry-eye discomfort. The range includes Clinitas Soothe® and Clinitas Soothe® Multi. Both contain preservative free 0.4% sodium hyaluronate, the highest strength of sodium hyaluronate available, in a choice of resealable unit dose vials or a 10ml multi dose bottle.
With the NHS signalling a move away from prescribing products for common conditions and with customers increasingly looking for immediate solutions for their health and wellness concerns, the pharmacy counter is once again growing in importance. So, whether its providing treatment as part of an immediate care service, supporting an individual to self-care, or simply helping people feel better about themselves or looking after their families, the winners this year all contribute to proactive and patient centred pharmacy.
Dry eye is a common condition that can easily be treated & managed in community pharmacy, with an increasing opportunity due to self-care directives from CCGs. Trust the Clinitas range of preservative-free drops to quickly & effectively relieve the sensations of dry, irritated and gritty eyes.

The endorsement of this award supports the continued support Altacor is giving to the pharmacy sector, and the increasing positive feedback and popularity the brand is getting from pharmacists and patients using the dry eye drops.

The Clinitas range of eye drops are available to order through pharmacy wholesalers, including AAH, Sigma, Phoenix, Lexon and EMT.

Please contact Altacor for further information.