Clinitas Dry Eye Products

Available on prescription and as a stock item to dispense

Clinitas eye drops are available on prescription and as a stock item to dispense in pharmacy. The Clinitas eye drop range can provide the NHS with significant cost savings - please contact Altacor to find out more.

All Clinitas dry eye products are available to order through your usual wholesaler, including AAH, Allaince, Phoenix and Mawdsleys. Product also available direct through Alloga - contact Altacor for further information.

Please see further product details in the table below.

BioLon & BioLon Prime: Hospital ONLY

Viscoelastic products for ophthalmic surgery

BioLon & BioLon Prime are ophthalmic viscoelastic devices used during cataract and other ophthalmic surgery. Please visit the product page to find out more information.

BioLon & BioLon Prime are available to buy direct from Altacor through our pre-wholesaler Alloga. Alternatively the products are available through AAH.

BioLon Product Code: 815-8735
BioLon Prime Product Code: USP-8825
Price: POA

Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 Absorbable Punctum Plugs

When patients need more than drops add Comfortear® Lacrisolve® 180 plugs to your dry eye toolkit.

For hospitals and opticians - Comfortear Lacrisolve Absorbable Punctum Plugs provide occlusion therapy of the tear drainage system lasting up to 180 days.

Dimensions & Product Codes
Diameter: 0.4 mm x Length: 1.75 mm - USP2847
Diameter: 0.5 mm x Length: 1.75 mm - USP2840

Order direct from Altacor - POA

Clinitas Eye Compress

The Clinitas Eye Compress is a eye mask that can be used hot or cold to help relieve symptoms of various eye conditions and complications. Filled with BodyBeads® self-hydrating technology. This product can be used in excess of 200+ times.

This product is available is prescription and can also be sold over the counter
Name: Clinitas Eye Compress
NHS Drug Tariff Price: £7.49
Pipcode: 377-1094
Simply write "Clinitas Eye Compress" on your Rx prescription

Alternative the Clinitas Eye Compress is available to stock in hospital or pharmacy, or to be recommended to buy online from our online shop.

Approved: JB027 MAY 2018