Clinitas® Hot Eye Compress
Clinitas® Hot Eye Compress
Clinitas® Hot Eye Compress
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Clinitas® Hot Eye Compress

A hot eye compress to help relax away the symptoms of...dry eye disease, MGD (Blepharitis) and chalazion (Eyelid Cysts), and the associated symptoms of grittiness, irritation and sore eyes.
Gentle heating of the eyelid margins has proven to be the most effective and gentle way of removing congealed and hardened deposits around the meibomian glands. The warmth softens the naturally produced oil helping prevent discomfort and helps maintain a healthy tear layer.

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Product details

Product information

The Clinitas Hot Eye Compress is a microwave or oven heated mask that helps relieve symptoms of various eye conditions and complications. Filled with BodyBeads® self-hydrating technology. This product can be used in excess of 365 times.

BodyBeads® has passed all appropriate independent safety tests for both the microwave and oven. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and is proven to be more resistant to overheating than natural grain.
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Why use Clinitas® Hot Eye Compress?

  • Reusable – over 365 times

  • Removable washable cover for hygiene

  • Adjustable comfort strap

  • 1-3mm BodyBeads® to mould to the contour of the eyes

  • High quality fabrics to reduce abrasion against sensitive skin

  • Tested to British Standard (BS8433:2004)

  • Abuse tested (80 x recommended heating time with no sign of scorching)

  • Proven to be safer than grain fills

  • Double sided fabric for patients’ preference

  • BodyBeads® only drop by 1.5 degrees in temperature over the 10-minute treatment - unlike hot flannels

Positive research conclusions

Mori et al showed that when the researchers had patients apply a hot compress to their eyelids for 5 minutes once-a-day for 2 weeks, they had fewer symptoms associated with Dry Eye Disease and their tears did not break down so rapidly.

A comprehensive report (Nichols. K.K, 2011) observed that there is almost unanimous support among international experts and clinicians for such a process. Patients should be instructed in using hot compresses, clearing the lubricating Meibomian glands along the eyelid edge of residue build-up and cleaning the lashes.
Continued use is advised to maintain long-term control of symptoms. Lid hygiene is widely considered an effective mainstream therapy for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Anterior Blepharitis.

1) Mori A, Shimazaki J, Shimmura S, Fujishima H, Oguchi Y, Tsubota K. Disposable eyelidwarming device for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction. Jpn J Ophthalmol. 2003;47:578-586.
2) Nichols. K.K, 2011 doi: 1 0.1167/iovs. l0-6997glnvest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci.March 30, 2011 vol. 52 no. 42050-2064.

Good quality tears operate best when a thin layer of oil seals the eyelid to the eye, preventing excessive evaporation of the tears. This oil comes from the glands in the eyelids. A major symptom of Dry Eye Disease occurs when these oils thicken from the natural smooth oil to a buttery consistency and may result in blocked glands.


1. Heating of the eyelids externally - do this by using your Clinitas Hot Eye Compress in accordance with the instructions. This will allow the buttery oil to melt and become liquid again.

2. Cleansing of some of the melted oil from the glands by following the Eyelid Massage Procedure allowing the glands to produce healthy oil again.

3. Cleaning the base of the eyelashes – this reduces the build-up of bacteria which can be responsible for some of the symptoms.

How to get hold of the Clinitas Hot Eye Compress

The Clinitas Hot Eye Compress is available on prescription and to buy online or from community pharmacies. Contact Altacor for further information or visit
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Technical Specification

Name: Clinitas Hot Eye Compress
Pipcode: 377-1094
Availability: Available on prescription, online and from community pharmcies
RRP: £13.99
Usage: Reusable for over 365 times
Approved: JB027 MAY 2018