Vote for Clinitas Soothe® Multi in the ICP 2020 Pharmacy Product of the Year Awards

Altacor - January 07, 2020

Clinitas Soothe® Multi has been shortlisted in the eye care category for this year’s Independent Community Pharmacist 2020 Pharmacy Product of the Year Awards. Your vote is needed!

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Calling all independents! The annual Pharmacy Product of the Year Awards is back to showcase excellence in an increasingly competitive market and highlight the best products as voted for by our readers.
Launched in 2010, the awards give independent pharmacists the chance to pick what they regard as the most valuable products in a range of categories.

You can vote in as many categories as you want. If you vote 20 or 30 times, you will have a 20 or 30 times’ greater chance of winning! All votes will be entered into a prize draw and each vote will give you the chance to win an iPad Mini.

Voting closes on January 11, 2020
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Clinitas Soothe® Multi

Rapid acting and effective relief of dry, gritty or irritated eyes with the highest concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate in a multi-use, preservative-free bottle.
The same formulation as Clinitas Soothe vials but in a 10ml multi-dose, preservative-free bottle. Now with a new softer squeeze bottle. Once opened, the bottle remains sterile to use for up to 3 months.

Clinitas Soothe® Multi from Altacor uses the Novelia® 10ml bottle and its innovative delivery system. The eye dropper bottle allows our unique sodium hyaluronate 0.4% dry eye formulation to be truly preservative free and be used for up to 3 months once opened. The dropper mechanism enables the patient to accurately administer single drops. The smooth and soft silicone tip is safer than some alternatives when close to the eye surface. Displaced volume is then replaced by filtered air which enables us to use ZERO preservatives but still maintain complete sterility for 3 months.