BioLon® Prime comes to the UK

Altacor - June 18, 2018

Altacor is pleased to announce from June 2018 it is adding BioLon® Prime to its range of OVDs.

BioLon® Prime is an ophthalmic visco-elastic device used during cataract and ophthalmic surgery.
BioLon® Prime contains 1.2% solution of highly purified, high molecular weight (3m Daltons) sodium hyaluronate.

The BioLon brand is celebrating its 25th year since being introduced to the European market.

The addition BioLon Prime in the UK gives surgeons the choice of two BioLon® viscoelastics. BioLon® Prime was developed to offer an OVD with a higher viscosity than BioLon® in order to give better protection to the eye. The viscosity of BioLon® Prime is more than double than that of BioLon®.

Both products are supplied with easy to use surgeon friendly syringes with a rotating finger grip, are of a high-quality bio-synthetic NaHA and have options for room temperature storage.

BioLon® and BioLon® Prime are available direct from Altacor. Contact your Altacor Representative to see for yourself and arrange a product trial.