Senior Management

Francesca Crawford - Chief Executive Officer

Fran Crawford has been closely involved in the growth of several life science businesses including Altacor, Sirus Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Spirogen Ltd and Ethical Holdings PLC. She has participated in M&A and in creating exits for the benefit of shareholders and investors. Fran is a PhD clinical pharmacologist who, following two post-doctoral posts entered the pharmaceutical industry in clinical research with Ethical Holdings. She has an extensive record of product development and regulatory approvals (formulation to market) in Europe and the US as well as in- and out-licensing. Holding senior posts in several start-up businesses she has built IP portfolios to add value and protection to product pipelines. More recently she has been responsible for growing hospital and retail sales teams to commercialise products in a Specialty Pharma setting.

Chris Miller - Director of Sales and Marketing

Chris Miller is Head of Sales and Marketing for Altacor, and is responsible for driving growth for its portfolio of pharmaceutical and OTC products across Europe as well as sourcing and evaluating new business and product opportunities for launch implementation. Chris has 25 years of expertise within Pharmaceutical and Consumer products, possessing a blend of Marketing, Sales and Formulation Development management expertise from companies such as Alcon, Roche and Fisons Prior to joining Altacor in December 2012, he was Business Unit Manager for Alcon Visioncare, leading the Sales and Marketing operations in core categories such as Dry-Eye, Ocular Allergy and Nutrition as well as leading re-imbursement, treatment pathway and key account development initiatives for business growth.

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