Altacor’s partnering strategy has two key elements:

  1. Commercialisation of its current product portfolio (including future pipeline products) outside of Europe via partnerships with specialty ophthalmology companies; and

  2. Enhancing its ophthalmology portfolio for commercialisation in Europe through its own sales force, by accessing products (via in-licensing or acquiring rights) through relationships with partners in the US or in other countries outside Europe who market them in their home territories.

Altacor is interested in product opportunities that it considers are capable of being market ready in the near term (within two years) and others where further work in the form of regulatory, formulation or other development is required.

Altacor is interested in (1) orphan indications and (2) reprofiling/repurposing opportunities in glaucoma and glaucoma surgery, and back-of-the-eye diseases (dry and wet AMD).

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